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10 Interior design trends – trending right now

We’ve made it our mission to explore the new interior design trends for 2020 so we can help you understand how they can be incorporated and translated into your personal style and space.

Here are 10 key interior design trends we love:

1. Simply neutral

The Nordic trend that we all loved in 2019 is evolving this year into the trend for understated and pared-back neutrals. Grey might have finally had its day as we see the move towards warm, calm and uplifting spaces.

Interior wall with soft white led lights. 3D render

2. Comforting layers

The comforting effect of layering cushions, throws and knits is upon is 2020 to provide the maximum comfort. Indulge in this soothing trend until spring is finally upon us with a calming mix of neutrals and cool blues together with more warming pinks and browns.

3. Bold glamour

Bold monochromatics are big news in 2020. Forget pale monochromatics, this year it’s all about being daring and adventurous with colours such as cobalt blue and jade green. If you succeed with this look it can create a true sense of elegance and bring personality and character to your space.

4. 1920s glamour

Step back in time with the grand opulence of the 1920s, which is bold, sassy and forthright. Rounded edges to furniture and curved shapes bringing a touch of gold are perfect to meet this trend. Go for warm metallic tones such as rose, bronze and ochre.

5. Japani

Japani is the beautiful coming together of the Japanese minimalistic design and the simple style of Scandinavia. This trend leads itself to very clean and simple lines, a pared-back approach and uncluttered rooms. Yet again calming tones are key to achieve this trend, as they are for so many this year.

6. Dark painted interior doors

Add depth, warmth and character to your room by painting doors a rich, dark colour. Dark, bold colours will provide a real talking point and bring the fun side of your personality to life.

7. Floor to ceiling

A new trend for 2020 will be floor to ceiling print. Using the very same print on the walls and even furniture is the new way to create a feature wall for the new decade. It will provide a sense of timeless chic and elegance.

8. Dark, gothic bathrooms

Opt for dark, gothic elegance in your bathroom to bring this new trend to life. Stone or brick veneer in deep shades would work perfectly here.

9. Botanicals

This trend continues from 2019 but in a more understated way. The main motif from this trend to continue into 2020 is the palm print and is ideal for a fabric or wallpaper design.

10. Statement lighting

The time has come to go bold with lighting. Go for all-out glamour with oversized, bold and luxurious lighting options to bring your space to life.