Prior to contacting Staffordshire Shutters, Ann-Marie originally had curtains for each window. Having recently decorated, she wanted to modernise her home by adding a different window dressing.
Mrs Mclaughlin invited us over for a consultation where she showed us all the windows she wanted changing and asked for our advice on how best to dress these. Having discussed the look that Ann-Marie was after and the idea of retaining privacy without losing light, it was obvious that Shutters were definitely the best option.

Our Services

Mrs Mclaughlin opted to have a quote on both our Hardwood Shutters and our British Made Shutters. She decided to opt for the British Made shutters even though the cost was a little higher. The reason for this was because we offer a much shorter lead time on these, they are British manufactured and Ann-Marie likes to support British where she can, and also she has the reassurance that if anything goes wrong in the future, it can be rectified very quickly rather than waiting for long lead times from China to address the problem.


Once installed Mrs Mclaughlin was over the moon. The feel of the rooms had changed entirely. She was also very surprised at how much light her new shutters let through in the daytime. The icing on the cake was the kerbside appeal it added to the front of Mrs McLaughlin’s house. With Anthracite Grey windows, the white shutters certainly added the modern contrast it needed.
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