Mr & Mrs Parry embarked on a phenomenal new build journey, using the highest quality materials to create a stunning family home, designed to reflect their lifestyle and maximise space throughout their home.

They were looking for window dressings for their entire home, and wanted a variety of different options to suit each individual room.

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We visited Mr & Mrs Parry at their home to walk through each room and discuss their aspirations on fabric, texture, colours and overall desired outcomes. 

Shutters were a natural option for their kitchen area and in their upstairs living space, due to their durability and ability to control light filtration and heat. Mr & Mrs Parry opted for white shutters to ensure the kitchen area remained light and airy throughout the day and into the evening.

The shaped shutter at the head of their upstairs living area created a striking look to a huge space.


Mr & Mrs Parry were overjoyed with the final result. 

Shutters were the perfect option for their space and give the modern, timeless and classical look they were hoping to achieve.

“We highly recommend Staffordshire Shutters. We required several shapes and styles for various rooms in our home and the team at Staffordshire Shutters managed to pull out all the stops to deliver high quality wood shutters that look fantastic. The sun shines through our kitchen area and is warm throughout the day, so their advice on installing shutters where we can control the light was the perfect solution.”

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